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K&F Concept Professional Cleaning Kit for DSLR Cameras and Sensitive Electronics Bundle (Spike activity, only one purchase per person)
26 % OFF
  • - Kit includes: Bottle + Lens Cleaning Pen + Cleaning Cloths+gloves+Microfiber cleaning cloth+16mm cleaning stick (APS-C)+24mm cleaning stick (APS)
  • - Premium Lens Cleaner is Alcohol FREE, Ammonia FREE, and Odor FREE.
125 Review(s)
C$41.46 C$43.89 C$32.44
K&F Concept Heavy Duty Light Stand, Adjustable Height with Maximum 90.5"/2.3m, Aluminum Magnesium Alloy
24 % OFF
  • - 【Exclusive Patented Tripod Base】 Our light tripod has an exclusive patent at the bottom, making it more steady and improving your use experience for more occasions, indoor or outdoor.
  • - 【Extended Height of 94"】 Adjustable extended design with minimum height of 55"/1.4m and maximum height of 90.5"/2.3m, meeting your various requirements of studio/photography.The most recommended height for the light stand is 81"/2.06m.
71 Review(s)
C$76.78 C$73.99 C$56.00
K&F Concept 10'' Selfie Ring Light with Stand Phone Holder for Vlog Camera Video Smartphone YouTube Self-Portrait Makeup Shooting Live Streaming
23 % OFF
  • - 10W power output, 144 pcs led bulbs,adjustable brightness and color temperature. The brightness: 1%-100%, the color temperature: 3200K-5600 Kelvin.
  • - Tripod can be flexible adjusted, makes your moving freely and 360 degree rotating as you like for convenient reviewing,shooting videos.
5 Review(s)
C$67.57 C$63.89 C$49.34
K&F M9 wireless microphone, metal shell can monitor lavalier,Long battery life, support SLR cameras, digital cameras, receivers, Android smart phones, laptops, DV compatible.
18 % OFF
  • - The real-time monitoring function on the receiver, plug in headphones to monitor and check whether the wireless device is working normally during the recording process, so as to complete the recording at one time, you will bring more professional and convenient recording;
  • - Using ultra-high frequency digital radio wave technology, based on the 570-579.5MHz wireless frequency band, can ensure stability and anti-interference performance, the effective distance of obstacles can reach 80 meters, the signal is stable, and it is not easy to interfere. (Note: This frequency is in the legal frequency band in the United States, no additional license is required)
2 Review(s)
C$167.42 C$153.05 C$124.84
12 X 50 Monocular BaK-4 Waterproof for Outdoor Travel Watching
34 % OFF
  • - Full 12x magnification, 50mm object lens diameter, more clear, even low light condition,ergonomic design helps you focus on your target quickly and accurately with one hand.( Net heavy weight : 0.63 lb).
  • - BaK-4 prisms and multi-coated optics green film offer crisp clear images with improved light transmission.
2 Review(s)
C$76.78 C$69.39 C$45.59
18 in 1 Lens Filter Step Ring Set 9pcs Step Up Ring & 9pcs Step Down Ring
36 % OFF
  • - Include Step Up Filter Adapter Ring Kit(37-49, 49-52, 52-55, 55-58, 58-62, 62-67,67-72, 72-77, 77-82mm)
  • - Include Step Down Filter Adapter Ring Kit(49-37, 52-49, 58-55, 55-52, 62-58, 67-62,72-67, 77-72, 82-77mm )
339 Review(s)
C$29.09 C$18.59
Soft Neoprene Lens Pouch Bag Case (S M L XL)
61 % OFF
  • - Includes 4 Pouches, each with different sizes: Extra Small, Small, Medium, Large
  • - Keep your lenses of all sizes safe in these soft neoprene pouches.
54 Review(s)
C$31.99 C$12.53
3 Pocket Lens Filter Bag Pouch Case
56 % OFF
  • - Kit Includes: K&F Concept 3 Pocket Filter Bag
  • - Use it to store and protect all your delicate lens filters. (Up to 77mm).
30 Review(s)
C$15.34 C$17.99 C$7.97
Gialer SmartMic Wireless Bluetooth Lavalier Microphone for iPhone and Android, 50ft Wireless Lapel Microphone Smart Mic
22 % OFF
  • - Professional Bluetooth Lavalier lapel microphone, easy to connect, covering 50 feet of Bluetooth signal. Can be used with any of your smart phones,include iPhone and Android, iPad. Ideal for online courses, zoom meetings, interviews, video content creators, tutorial videos, home recording, games, Yahoo recording and YouTube recording.
  • - Use Gialer new tech wireless lavalier microphone to increase your likes, viewers and subscribers on social media by ten-fold. Any professional job dealing with content creation will benefit using this Gialer Smart Microphone. it is portable and has professional product design with premium chipset which produces great sound, and has more than 6 hours working time per charge.
19 Review(s)
C$153.58 C$127.99 C$99.66
K&F Lens Filter Case for Round or Square ND CPL 100x100mm - K&F concept
33 % OFF
  • - 【DURABLE】: Made of high quality wear-resistant and durable leather, it has excellent waterproof performance and sturdy enough to use for a long time.
  • - 【CAPACITY】: Fits 3 pieces 100x100mm square or rectangular filters and 1 filter holder. NOTE: Filter is NOT included.
13 Review(s)
C$46.06 C$45.38 C$30.38
UHF 100M Remote Wireless Lavalier Microphone 100 Channels with 2 Transmitters+1 Dual-channel receiver for Canon Nikon DSLR Cameras Camcorder Video iPhone iPad for Presentation&Interview
19 % OFF
  • - Support real-time monitoring :you can test whether it is working normally during recording. Brings you more professional and convenient recording. you can use earphone to monitor from microphone directly instead from camera
  • - With dual-channel UHF wireless receiving technology, two transmitter can be connected at the same time;Up to 100 wireless frequency is available; 50 signal channels can work at the same time.
1 Review(s)
C$394.46 C$350.59 C$283.99
7in1 DSLR Camera Cleaning Kit (Cleaning Pen + Air Blower + Cleaning Tissue Paper + Lens Cleaning Cloth + Spray Bottle + Dry wipes + Brush)
41 % OFF
  • - The cleaning kit is composed of carefully selected tools and materials,to clean your camera and any other delicate optics safely and effectively.
  • - Professional cleaning camera sensor, lens, screen and camera body. Can also clean mobile phone, iPad.
46 Review(s)
C$24.47 C$14.47
6 Pocket Lens Filter Bag Pouch Case
49 % OFF
  • - Kit Includes: K&F Concept 6 Pocket Filter Bag
  • - Use it to store and protect all your delicate filters. Keep them safe while you easily carry them with you.
22 Review(s)
C$16.88 C$18.27 C$9.27
3in1 DSLR Camera Cleaning Kit (Lens Dust Blower Cleaner + Cleaning Pen + Macrofiber Cleaning Cloth)
49 % OFF
  • - Kit Includes: K&F Concept Lens Dust Blower,Cleaning Pen, Mircofer Lens Cleaning Cloth
  • - Directs a powerful stream of air to blow away dirt and dust from cameras, lenses and other photographic equipment.
10 Review(s)
C$20.59 C$10.59
7in1 DSLR Camera Cleaning Kit (Lens Dust Blower + Cleaning Pen + 2X Cleaning Cloth + Bottle + Cleaning Paper + Lens Brush )
41 % OFF
  • - Kit Includes: K&F Concept Lens Dust Blower,Cleaning Pen, Mircofer Lens Cleaning Cloth,Bottle,Lens Cleaning Paper,Lens Brush
  • - Free shipping from US, estimated delivery time is about 3~6 business days!
8 Review(s)
C$24.17 C$14.17
  • - Ideal for Android-based smartphones and tablets.
  • - Transfer speeds of up to 100MB/s.
2340 Review(s)
C$41.46 C$39.99